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The International Coach Federation defines coaching as:”Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential”. Simply put, coaching is a process that drives change and improvement. A coach won’t helm the ship, nor will he teach you; he’ll just show you how the winds blow. Coaching is often confused with counselling or mentoring. However, the following five pillars of coaching differentiates it

• Goal orientation
• Self directed learning
• Going out of the comfort zone
• Structure
• Feedback

Why do CEOs need coaching? Why should an organisation have a coach for its CEO?

The answer to this question can be found in some statistics that have shown up in surveys. In the past five years, CEO turnover in organisations has gone up by about 50%, with the average tenure being less than four years. Studies show that this problem lies not in the business knowledge or ability of CEOs, but within the CEOs themselves. While some let their ego and past experience come in the way, many fall prey to the rise in expectations. Simply put CEOs find it difficult to adapt to the changed environment. This results in them becoming leaders and in turn, has an adverse impact on the organisation. Coaching CEOs or senior executives help them to gain the required perspective about themselves, their roles and their goals. It is a goal oriented, structured and time bound process that helps to bring out the best and the desired qualities from the employee. The process is rigorous but definitely has its benefits for both the executive and the organisation.

At an individual level coaching helps in:
• Increasing productivity
• Improving work relationships with direct reports,
• Bringing out the desired leadership skills
• Aligning better with the organisation values

For the organisation coaching can result in:
• Increase in ROI of the CEO and his/her direct reports
• Improvement in business results
• Better employee engagement and motivation

Many successful CEOs today have a coach behind them, be it Meg Whitman of Hewlett-Packard or Larry Page of Google. While exact business results may be unknown, it is a fact that coaching has helped them – and in turn their organisations – to sustain, thrive and change with time. WhiteLight Consulting, through its coaching methods, provides an ideal platform for your organisation to bring out the full potential of your top management. To know more about our services and also learn how we have helped other companies kindly write to us at inspire@whitelightconsulting.co.in or send us your query using this Contact form

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to :

  • Gain awareness of their own personal preferences and how it effects their behaviors as per the DISC profile
  • Understand their own styles how to use them effectively at the workplace
  • Develop direct reports more effectively
  • Become more effective in their roles
  • Display ownership  and accountability and act like CEO of their own business

We are a niche learning services provider specialising in inspiration space, so we focus on Leadership Coaching, Using Arts for OD purposes and inhouse corporate training workshops.

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