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Leadership Programs

Leadership Coaching

These days, companies face serious challenges identifying, planning and preparing their succession, especially when time is of the essence. How can you be sure that the people you have in mind are prepared for the position and will satisfy your expectations?

WhiteLight’s coaching solution accelerates the deployment of targeted competencies while optimizing innate talents. Most managers face many obstacles, so using a personalized formula that enables them to effectively reach their goals is critical, especially when you consider that the success of key managers is closely linked to their ability to keep growing.

Our coaching solution is ideal for quickly developing key mid-level or senior managers to prepare them for succession or new management roles.

Our satisfied clients typically deploy this solution when they need to:

  • Identify potential successors and invest in their development
  • Identify coaches who can steer the development efforts of key mid-level or senior managers
  • Accelerate or support their growth
  • Help them reach their full potential and improve their performance
  • Find a personalized and confidential approach that delivers fast results


WhiteLight Consulting’s solution

Our seasoned  coaches can help your key resources grow within your organization through a coaching process that gives them the support they need.

They will benefit from:

  • A trustworthy person with whom they can exchange and validate their efforts
  • A knowledgeable coach who knows the realities of today’s business world
  • A rigorous and structured process that delivers fast results
  • A tailor-made approach that considers the person’s talents, interests and learning style
  • Proactive support

This is a customized 6 to 9 month process that adapts to your specific needs and constraints. Our coaches will determine a flexible meeting schedule with the manager in question. Meetings are typically held 2 or 4 times per month at the start of the process to accelerate the manager’s development, while those held in the final 3 months serve to consolidate his acquired knowledge.

Why risk your company’s future when our coaches are there to support you?

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